3 reasons why Australian Businesses should have a .com.au domain name

To put it simply, your domain name is your business’ online identity. Just like a physical store, you’ll want your online ‘address’ to be memorable and easy to find on the net.  

One question that often arises is whether an Australian  business should register a .com.au or .com domain. Below we will outline the advantages of having a .com.au for your Australian business.

1. Your Australian customers trust .com.au domain names

Australian customers recognise and trust the .com.au domain name extension. They’re used to seeing it in advertising and when dealing with Australian businesses. This is especially important for local e-commerce businesses who ship goods in Australia. The .com.au extension on your domain name is not unlike the other trust signals your web designer would use to help build trust with your customer for e.g. a secure website using an SSL certificate.

2. The eligibility criteria proves that your business is Australian

The major benefit of .com.au domain names is that they instantly tell someone you are an Australian based business and are here to serve Australian customers. There’s a set of criteria that must be met before someone can register a .com.au domain name. 

3. A .com.au domain name may help with your Google Ranking

Having a .com.au domain name helps Google understand where your business is based or operates. If you used a .com, Google would have a harder time ranking you for local searches — it would be dependent on other elements of your website to know which market you service.

DISCLAIMER: If you intend to offer your product or service globally, you’ll need a .com presence as it is the most recognised domain extension. Even if you are unsure about scaling your business, it may be best to register it in case your competitors do.

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