Nerdy Pandy Recommends: WPForms – How to create high-converting forms on WordPress

There are many contact forms available out there for WordPress.

Trust me, there’s A LOT. Some good ones, some terrible ones…

A couple of years ago I bought an unlimited licence for WPForms, which I have come to realise is arguably the best form plugin for WordPress out there.

I have used it on my personal websites as well as clients websites with little to no problem with set-up and maintaining the forms. It’s easy to use, reliable and a plethora of great add-ons.

But recently WPForms went one better: they announced the launch of Conversational Forms.

Don’t get me wrong, their standard forms are great! But Conversational Forms flow like you’re having a conversation, and more importantly are higher converting than your typical 10 or 20 answer standard form.

Some of the things that make Conversational forms different from your average form include:

  1. A guided experience: From when the user first lands on the page to when they submit the form, only the current step will be in focus.
  2. A standalone page: The form is displayed on its own page, with no distractions for the person filling in the form.
  3. Multiple navigation options: In standard forms, users will click through fields with a mouse. But in conversational forms, they can fill out the entire form just with their keyboard if they’d like…

And it really is like a conversation… as if you’re talking to a person face-to-face…

Check out the demo here:

How great is that?

Want to learn more? Check out this tutorial:


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