Nerdy Pandy Recommends: WPForms – Surveys and Polls

Another great feature of WPForms is their Survey and Polls.

Unlike other WordPress forms plugins that create duplicate fields for surveys which is confusing for users, WPForms fully integrated the survey features into their existing form fields.

This means that you don’t have to drop a “Survey Radio Button” field to a form. With a single-click, you can turn any existing form on your website into a survey form.

What happens?

The moment you enable the survey or poll option, all form fields are converted into smart survey fields.

This includes: text field, dropdown field, radio buttons, checkboxes, rating field, etc.

Why is WPForms better that others?

1. Beautiful Visual Reports that You can Customize
2. Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms
3. Real-time Polls Report
4. Export / Share Individual Charts
5. Customizable Print Styles

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