The web design process – Step 4: Development

We’re now up to the exciting part of the web design process!

The development step is where the website itself is created. 

This is done by first developing the homepage (the most important page on your website), followed by a rough draft of the other pages. 

Elements such as the CMS (content management system) like WordPress (our recommended CMS, which is used for 29% of the world’s websites), contact forms, live chat, ecommerce shopping carts, photo galleries, sliders etc are made functional during this step.

In this step you might want to think more seriously about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – which will need to influence how you write your content), specific content that your audience would like to read about, how interactive you want your website to be (live chat or contact form only), how will you get your audience to read and stay loyal to your website (especially if you’re trying to sell something), have a privacy policy and terms of use document ready, the user experience, and basically the aesthetics of your site.

Remember that first impressions matter and your home page (most likely) will be where your audience will land. Make sure you make a good impression.

Happy designing!

If you’d like help with any aspect of your website please contact Nerdy Pandy at [email protected]


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